3 Best Methods Of Affiliate Marketing 2021

3 Best Methods of affiliate marketing 2021


If you are new to affiliate marketing or you’ve been trying unsuccessfully for the last year or two to understand how affiliate marketing works this tutorial is going to give you a year-long plan for what to do for 2021.

I’ve come to realize that a lot of people when they first get into affiliate marketing they don’t realize that there are multiple methods that are very distinct from each other in ways that affiliate marketers make money and so they kind of take little bits and pieces from a bunch of different affiliate methods and they end up not having a clear picture and not having a clear vision of how they’re going to go about affiliate marketers.

But the truth is there are very distinct methods that different affiliate marketers used to make money and they all work, but you have to understand what method you’re using and how that method makes money.

So the point of this tutorial is to help you discover the 3 best methods of affiliate marketing out there and figure out which one is best for you and then I hope to give you the resources that you need to be able to run with that method. Let’s roll:

Method # 1: Blogging

3 best methods of affiliate marketing 2021

This method is kind of the more typical method and it seems to be the method that all brand new affiliates think about when they first get into affiliate marketing and that’s just an affiliate marketing blog so this is where you write tons and tons of content.

You write blog posts you put them on a blog and the goal is to get that blog to show up in google when people type very specific phrases and then people click and they go to your blog and then you sell them affiliate products.

That means that each blog posts tends to target a very specific phrase for example you might target “how does the keto diet work” right that’s a very specific phrase that you might target with a blog post when someone comes in you can become an affiliate for someone that has a keto diet lesson or course or mentoring program and within that article right there you can send them on to the affiliate link.

So the best kind of articles and the articles that we typically see bloggers use is they’ll do product reviews and they’ll do how-to articles okay for example” how do I clean up this urine stain that my dog just did on my floor” right and then you say oh you need this product from amazon and you place an amazon affiliate link in there and that’s how you make your money.

Then obviously the clearest way to make money is just product reviews you know how to do you like this product oh I love this product here’s a link to go buy it so this way works with high ticket products, it works with low ticket products, it works with basically anything.

The key is to have volume meaning you’ve got to have a lot of blog posts out there that are bringing in a lot of people from google now the cool thing about this method is you don’t actually have to be a great writer thank goodness.

In fact, many bloggers out there are terrible writers you just have to be good at creating a system and you can hire out the actual writing part of blogging to writers all over the place you can hire out editors to edit your writers all kinds of things this can be outsourced very, very easily.

All you’ve got to be good at creating a system where you can consistently put out content and do all the other things that google likes to see on a blog now what you really do need is a ton of fortitude because the first year that you put out your blog and that first year is your pumping out articles you know every couple days your blog is going to create a snowball effect and keep rolling.

Many bloggers that in the first six months or even year of their blog are making good money from it the other side of this is that with a blog you can make a passive income because your blog post will always be there for many years to come.


  • Long-term passive income. That’s means, you can write a blog post today and that can make you money next year, and the next year and for a very long time after that and so while blogging may not be profitable right now it yields to this very passive income and you can build up basically a world of digital real estate that just sits on the internet and makes you money every day.


  • Slow to start. It takes time or money to build-up

Method # 2: Facebook Organic Marketing

3 best methods of affiliate marketing 2021

What I mean by Organic Marketing, it’s not paid ads. You’ve probably seen posts like this one below as you’ve gone across your Facebook feed it kind of leaves you wondering why someone spent so much time to write that massive post with a hundred emoji! They’re an affiliate marketer.

So typically when you see a post like this is a Facebook organic affiliate marketer trying to sell something high ticket meaning a really expensive affiliate product where they get commissions you know five hundred a thousand two thousand dollars off of this and the way that they do this is they basically go crazy on Facebook.

They post a ton of posts like that and if they’re doing it right, they’re very active in Facebook groups and on their own profile, they’re helping and getting people to the next level and having conversations with people and making just a ton of relationships online with their target audience.

They’ve got this target group of people that they know would benefit from their affiliate product so they go out there and they just start building relationships with them and that’s through their posts, through their comments, and through all kinds of things.

Then they will use these posts to basically set themselves up as an authority. They write these long posts and you start to see them as an authority on the thing that they’re posting about, on that subject that they’re posting about.

What they do is they post these posts these really informative posts and awake the curiosity in people, then they get people asking questions: “well how do I do this? “and they get those people into their inbox and they have conversations with those people.

If the person seems like a good fit for the product that the affiliate is promoting, which most of them don’t care if they’re a good fit or not they just want money but if you’re a good affiliate marketer and you actually care about your audience and your friends online you make sure that they’re a good fit and if there is a good fit and you truly think that this person in your inbox can benefit from this product that’s when you sell them on the program.


  • This kind of method can make you money crazy fast like within 30 days you can be making thousands of dollars like I’ve seen people literally make five figures within their first 30 to 60 days of doing this method.


  • The con to this method is, burnout because you’ve to be very engaged on Facebook, writing tons and tons of posts and comments and getting inside these Facebook groups and talking to people and there’s a burn out that comes with that.
  • You’ve to constantly put out content and trying to think of content ideas and things like that especially considering each piece of content you create shows up in the Facebook algorithm for a day or two and then it disappears and you’ve got to kind of start from scratch.
  • There’s no passive income that tends to come from this method and you’ve got to continually sell, if you don’t sell you don’t make money.

I saved the best for last.

Method# 3: Building an Email List

3 best methods of affiliate marketing 2021

The traditional way and that is building an email list. Building an email list is very profitable and it’s the best affiliate marketing model for having a long-term business.

If you’re a Facebook organic marketer you might wake up one day to see, that Facebook decided to suspend your account because they don’t like you anymore, or because they change their terms, and then your account is over.

Or if you’re a blogger you might wake up one day and go check your stats and you see nothing! Yes, google too can decide one day that they simply don’t like your blog anymore and they’re no longer going to show it to anybody.

But if you own a list of email addresses that you have the right to email, there’s no one that can take that away from you. So the way that this works is you’ve got to pick a traffic platform for this method, you can pick any platform that makes sense to you, could be a blog or any social platform, could be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, TickTock.

After you pick a platform, the next thing is you’ve got to create a landing page and this is just a simple page where you offer something for free to people in exchange for them giving you their email address, because that’s the whole goal of this method, is to get an email address.

You create a page like this and you create some little simple lead magnet where people put in their email address you send them something for free.

Now you have the right to email them. Next, you take this platform whichever one you’ve chosen and you start pushing out content okay so you if it’s Facebook you’re putting a post today, if it’s Instagram you’re putting out 10 pictures a day and if it’s TikTock you’re tik talking every day, whatever it is you choose you’re putting out content every single day, and at the end of each piece of content, you send them to this lead magnet.

Then, when someone puts in their email address, you’ll have now, access to them, and that kind of obviously tells us what the last step is and that’s to send the emails you take these affiliate products that you want to promote and email to all the email addresses that you’ve collected over time.

This method is insanely powerful. One single email could make you thousands of dollars, and all it takes five minutes to type up an email and send it to your email list.


  • The reason that I like this method so much is that this is the only method that involves you owning a real asset. Any online businesses need assets, any business needs something that they own and an email list is an asset for an affiliate marketer. It’s really the only asset that an affiliate marketer can have in their business.


  • Building up an email list can be a little slow, but the beauty of it is it’s not quite as slow as blogging and you can have wins along the way, you can have a piece of content that blows up and you get a thousand email addresses and make them you know a couple of hundred bucks there are all kinds of wins you’ll see even as your list.

Is just a couple a hundred people that’ll help keep you going and you can start making money after your first couple a hundred emails. You can start making offers and making good money with good offers.

A bonus method: Paid Ads

This is essentially spending money on paid advertising like, Solo Ads or Pay Per Click PPC, etc. Here essentially you pay for ads to send people directly to your affiliate links from Clickbank or any other Affiliate network or program, and the goal is that, if you spend $100 on ads, you have to make more than $100 on affiliate commissions, so the goal of these is simply to make more than you spend.


  • This method can be crazy lucrative because if you do get a profitable ad you can scale it to the moon you know instead of dumping in a hundred dollars you can dump in a hundred thousand dollars and make $150 000 back.


  • This method does require a lot of testing, especially in the beginning and a lot of times you will spend thousands of dollars before you get that profitable ad set and if you don’t know what you’re doing you’ll probably spend thousands of dollars and never get a net profit.


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Final Word

There are different methods you can use as an affiliate marketer, but I need you to do this one thing, I need you to pick just one method and I need you to commit to it. If you take one method and you commit to spending six months or a year learning and perfecting and understanding that method you will start to succeed where other affiliates fail.

They fail because they pick one method they do it for two weeks and then they pick another method and they do that for two weeks then they pick another method and they never actually master a single method. So, pick a method, master it, focus on it, and succeed. Are you already using one of these methods? Or any other methods, please share your thoughts and leave your comments below. Good Luck

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