Is Super Affiliate System (SAS) Legit? An Honest Review

Super Affiliate System Review

Super Affiliate System











  • Good training for paying ads
  • Providing appropriate information
  • He describes the tips patiently
  • Refunding guarantee
  • Providing pre-designed ads templates


  • The price
  • The support is limited and only done using email
  • Convincing the customer using regular emails to purchase more expensive items

It is okay if you are not familiar with ‘Internet JetSet’ or the Super Affiliate System. Both of these programs are one of many which their founder: John Crestani released a while back – and has since assisted many people to make money online “relatively” easy.

The emphasis on the “relatively” notion is because, since the release of ‘Internet JetSet’ that was soon followed by the Super Affiliate System, many people tried to color John’s effort in a negative way. This isn’t the first time that an affiliate marketing know-how system has become famous and has received a small percentage of so-called John Crestani scam reviews before. I will get to that later during the footnotes; therefore DO read this review entirely.

What’s rather intriguing is the fact that Crestani has made ‘Internet JetSet’ available for free – i.e. as long as you are buying the Super Affiliate System directly. The base bundle is added as a bonus to everyone out there. You can also Sign Up for a free training session that will redirect you to Super Affiliate System by the end.

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I’m going to share my findings on the Super Affiliate System (SAS) course for you to make a trade-off whether you should spend your time and resources on this course or not. Fortunately, I have paved the road, spending a significant amount of money to get to know the registration process, and I’m giving you this information for free. Hope you find it useful. Enjoy!

Name: SuperAffiliateSystem


Price: $997

Owners: John Crestan

The story

One day I saw one of my friends retweet when I was surfing Twitter. The original tweet belongs to John Crestani, almost about financial affairs entitled by something like passive money-making or freedom in financial, which I can’t recall the exact same words of its title or contents. Anyway, the tweet drew my attention and I started to read more about the topic by clicking on a link included at the end of the tweet, which navigated me into a page of a delightful internet website. I continued to study the significant material John was providing on the page about a system that apparently could potentially help affiliate marketers.

I encountered the concept of affiliate marketing in 2004 when I was searching the web to practice and learn about online money-making methods. So, I was familiar with the subject at that time. Finally, I could register in the Amazon Associate program. After account activation, I just copied some banner codes to my personal blog, without knowing to pick up appropriate people or being customer-specific. Unfortunately, it wasn’t so long before I got into trouble with my account; after about 90 days without referring any buyer through my affiliate links, even though I absorbed some clicks, they closed my affiliate account. In summary, I was exhausted and I had not the necessary motivation to absorb people to make them purchase through my bloody affiliate links provided on my blog.

Hopelessly, I went back to my unpleasant job, sitting in a small room, answering countless customer calls on a daily basis, just to make a minimum amount of money to be able to pay my bills at least. God forbid it happens to anybody on earth! This is the reason I got excited when I saw the mentioned tweet; I thought my dreams become a reality to run my own job and leaving the shadow of any employer ever.

John Crestani – Who Is He?

John Crestani excited me because his story was the same as mine, with the difference that his boss gave him the ax! The worse part was that he had no idea what he was going to do after he was fired from his job. Unfortunately, he had a difficult condition to handle. Was I able to pay the bills in the same circumstances? The rent?! Imagine you have no money to buy food for your kids or to pay the bills, it’s really painful. Fortunately, he could handle the situation, and besides, he made a 500,000 $ business from nothing. Experiencing this, he is willing to provide his experience and knowledge to us which took him lots of trouble and a long time to learn the ways of making money empty-handed from scratch.

I liked the story, but I had my own doubts! He was talking about his wealth all over on his social media pages, constantly shooting photos standing next to expensive cars. Do you really need a fancy car to sell a $47 course? I hate showing off someone’s affluent life with fancy cars and villas for marketing purposes. You may rent a luxurious car and take some photos to post on social networking apps, pretending an unreal life of yours. If it was me, I’d also describe my personal life to you, instead of showing only the material aspects of my life; if so, you may think of me as a fraud, no matter I am selling you a great course. He has been featured on different media platforms as:

The process

Thus, I initially signed up for the Jetset program which will cost you 47 dollars. It teaches beginners some exciting methods to direct traffic to your website free of charge for whatever purposes you may have. The ordinary marketers rarely talk about these marketing tips and even if so, they never describe the details as John willingly describes them. The provided videos by john, allow you to pause, play and forward the video, and to focus on the narrated materials, and easily follow the instructions during the narration or while the video is paused.

It should be noted as a pain point that the videos have not “fast-forward” capability; when, for any reason, you need to jump to a new point of the video, you cannot! You simply have to cope until it passes itself, which is irritating sometimes. Another irritating matter is the length of the videos which could have been 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes, which I also think is because John speaks at a slow speed. On the other side, the details are fully described regardless of your training level.

JetSet Xtreme Members Course

This course is flooded by training videos of the other members; they have succeeded in making money through this system, practicing affiliate marketing. You can also take advantage of linking to third-party tools to make more money by making more people buy the products. I was going to use them immediately but I realized that these tools are not for free and you have to pay for them.

Therefore, I think this course just provides you with some affiliate links which you can follow up, and also you have to pay to use the real tools anywhere provided. I was surprised when I found out that this stage charges you 187 dollars! So I demanded my 187 dollars back, and he gently refunded my money back. Telling the truth, actually, I was surprised when I got my money back. The companies that do such things are rare today, LONG LIVE SAS!

The Course. Does SAS worth $997?

Unlike the Internet Jetset program, the SAS course directs you to appropriately use paid methods to absorb more traffic to your website or weblog. In fact, I think this money pays off only by practicing day and night to learn the methods. The advantages do not come out of the blue and you have to have a road map.  If it was so easy then everybody could have placed adverts here and there on social media and could have made a fortune. So, the majority of adverts don’t make money for you and you will find out this fact soon. You have to come up with the understanding that you don’t have a silver bullet in your pocket to make everybody buy through your links. You have to understand the psychology of the buyer and act accordingly.

You have to know unlike free traffic, which may take a long time even sometimes years to pay off, the paid traffic responds immediately. So instead of working on your website to get a high rank from the Google algorithms and waiting for the results, you can make money right away using SAS. Along with getting exposed to the common language of paid affiliate marketing, you may be equipped with the following skills too:

  • Data analysis
  • Research
  • Copywriting

The SAS takes 50 hours over two months, including extra resources to back up your own strategy.


Week One – The System Setup

  • Website creation,
  • Presell page settings, and
  • Facebook ads publication

 Week Two – Understanding the System

  • Introducing central skills of e-businesses,
  • Opening a super-affiliate outlook to be able to take advantage of different opportunities.

 Week Three – Marketing Skills

  • Methods to make people click on your links

 Week Four – Facebook & Google Ads

  • Introducing Facebook & Google Ads to take advantage of more than two billion potential active users.

 Week Five – Native & YouTube Ads

  • Introducing native ads
  • Introducing applying Native & YouTube Ads

 Week Six – Scaling and Outsourcing

  • Training how to expand your business
  • Outsourcing tasks to be able to focus on expanding your business

Outcome – My Result

I have learned a lot of things from this course, on top of them re-activating my Amazon Associates program. I have to admit that I have two websites making $1500 and $2000 monthly. I have learned the real potential of a website is at least $10000 monthly and I’m going to expand these two websites using reinforcement of the search optimization techniques in the future. In summary, I have to say to you that my investment has paid off for now and I hope it will scale up soon using potential opportunities.


FREE TRAINING: How to Earn a 6-Figure Side-Income Online!

Beginner Friendly Online Course.

As a beginner, expect to get the most value out of the entire bundle. Especially, if you have bought the Super Affiliate System, you will get the most value for the money because all of the basic training contents plus the extra ones are added as a bonus. There’s no hidden fee for the extra bonus content.

Room For Improvisation.

John Crestani’s course does not follow a cookie-cutter approach. You are not forced or subjected to apply specific internet marketing techniques to become the next big affiliate marketing guru. Since the Super Affiliate System and the Internet JetSet programs are so rich in content, there are limitless possibilities, which encourage you to devise your own techniques.

For instance, you can make your own presell pages, you can customize the Facebook ads templates, you can do email marketing with a personalized touch – should all of it assure that your audience will convert. Do it!

The advantages and disadvantages


  • It’s a piece of cake
  • Full of good tips
  • Providing appropriate information
  • Good syllabus
  • He describes the tips patiently
  • Refunding guarantee
  • Providing pre-designed ads templates


  • The support is limited and only done using email
  • The optional upsells are very limited
  • Convincing the customer using regular emails to purchase more expensive items


John Crestani’s SAS has its own defects, however, that doesn’t imply its uselessness. You can benefit if and only if you are eager to voraciously learn and implement the learnings and if you’re ready to invest in paid ads which can be very costly for a beginner. I’d say this course is helpful for anybody who is seeking the knowledge of making real money all over the online marketplaces. Of course, there is a FREE alternative to SAS for those who can not afford it, but of course, it can take a longer time to achieve results.

I hope you have enjoyed this review, and please if you have any questions or comments, I’ll be more than happy to answer them.




4 thoughts on “Is Super Affiliate System (SAS) Legit? An Honest Review

  1. Wow so from what I can read here, Super Affiliate System (SAS) defiitly seems like a legitimate platform where we can make a lot happen all with some dedication, time and effort. This is certainly a platform I want to get involved with and start making some bank! Also, it seems that the platform is actually more trustworthy than others that I’ve seen. I think I will be checking out! Thank you so much for providing this for us! May the force be with you

  2. John Crestani, is a very successful marketer, I have watched lots of his videos on you tube. I have looked at the super affiliate system before and came to the conclusion that it would work if you were experienced in marketing in some way and if you know how to run a paid ad campaign. I would not recommend it if you are just starting out.

    1. I agree with you Lisa SAS not for beginners. One should have the basic of Affiliate Marketing and get acquainted with free traffic methods before dives in with paid traffic because it’s going to cost a lot of money. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. 

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