About Me

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Hello and Welcome to Ambition Affiliate.

I’m Dhia, a professional online marketer. My biggest passion in life is personal development and to constantly learn new things and skills.

What really drives me is to help like-minded people to maximize their own potentials by showing and teaching them about the big opportunities there are in the digital world today. Many people feel trapped in their current lifestyles and are trading their time in order to make a living. That was the only realistic way that I knew of as well before I educated myself on digital marketing and how to set up an online business.

Today I work as a Digital Marketer and help people getting started with their own online business as well as educating existing business owners in the topic of online marketing. I am also a professional affiliate marketer; this means that I get paid for recommending products and services from other companies. Products that I have bought, worked with and really trust myself.

My Story

Today I’m working as a digital entrepreneur, but that hasn’t always been the case. I used to work 9-5 job for years, job that I never liked but it was paying the bills anyway. But With current situation in the world after the COVID-19 Pandemic, there is no security in employment anymore where millions of people have lost their jobs and livelihood. That made me to think, that I have to do something else, I have to provide myself and my family with financial security, I have to be my own boss. I Always disliked the concept of having to trade my time for money and that I got paid for being at the office rather than for the quality of what I produced.

I wanted more free time to spend on my real passions in life. Like personal development, exercising and just have more time to spend with my family and friends. However, I didn’t think that was possible for me to achieve.

One day when I was searching around on the Internet trying to find a solution to my problem I stumbled across a video about a guy from New Zealand. I was amazed, he was actually living the life I dreamed about. He has his own online business and traveled around the world. Working from anywhere and when and how much he wanted, as long as he has his laptop with him.

He introduced me to a fantastic community with like-minded people. Also, to some mentors who really know what they talk about regarding how to succeed in the digital world. To make a long story short. I’m now a member of this community (which is a part of the Wealthy Affiliate) and now I’m running my own online business. Finally, I’m on the right track to create the lifestyle I’ve always wanted with so much more freedom and flexibility!

Today I’m helping other people who are in the position I was in when I saw this first video. People who want to make the most out of their lives. People who are interested in how to start an online business and learn what possibilities there are for ordinary people like us in the exploding digital economy.

My Vision  

My dream is to make as many people as possible realize the enormous power they have to design their own lifestyles and live a life they truly love. This includes growing as a person. Constantly learning new things and skills to share with others. It also includes opening up the mind to the fantastic opportunities the new digital economy is offering. With possibilities of working from anywhere in the world with freedom of time and finances hard for many people to imagine. I want people to have the courage to step out of their comfort zones and starting to work toward their own big dreams in life. If you don’t have any dream or vision yourself, you will probably end up working toward someone else’s.

All the best,