How Do I Create The Best Lead Magnets For My Business

How Do I Create The Best Lead Magnets For My Business

Do you know that you just had a visitor on your website? And there is a high probability that he would never return?

According to statistics, an average visitor spends no more than 15 seconds on a website, and that’s the time you can make it or break it.

It is possible that you have a high number of daily visits and monthly leads. But did you know that you could also lose lots of leads and money if you don’t have a funnel strategy that includes lead capture and email automation?

Converging evidence suggests that email generates $ 38 for every dollar spent, which equates to a staggering 3,800% ROI, making it one of the most effective methods of marketing out there.

It doesn’t matter whether you are selling digital products or physical products; You need to grow your audience, build your authority, and position yourself as an expert in your niche.

To do this, it is important to understand the buyer’s journey. Nobody comes across a website and then starts buying right away. There is a process where a visitor becomes a lead and then a customer who eventually buys from you.

Lead Magnet FunnelFirst, you need to know your customers/visitors, identify their weak points, and be able to connect with them. However, it is almost impossible for any visitor to submit their data.

People are now very careful about submitting their data online. So you have to show that they can trust you or you have to trick them into trusting you.

That means you have to give them something in exchange for their contact information. In addition, everything you want to offer has to be relevant and valuable to your visitors. You can offer this for your contact information for free. This is known as lead capturing.

Then you can use them to update them about your offers, more resources through email marketing.

In essence, a lead magnet is a secret sauce to add to a mailing list quickly!

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a term widely used by marketers to describe anything that is made available for free to motivate people to take certain actions. Such an action can include registering for a webinar or emailing us.

Lead magnets usually include free eBooks, guides, cheat sheets or checklists.

If you want to know how to create irresistible lead magnets for your business and thereby double your sales, then read on!

Top Strategies To Create The Best Lead Magnet

  • Let it solve a specific problem
  • Identify your customer persona and address them as well

One of the best strategies to get email registrations smarter and faster is to create a lead magnet that “solves a specific problem”. It can be achieved through a problem-oriented approach.

Never create a lead magnet without researching the audience first. See your lead magnet as a standalone unique product. What is the worth of a product if there is no audience to use it?

Here are some lead magnet ideas for a health and fitness website with a large female audience:

“The Free Cheat Sheet Reveals The 10 SNACKS You Must Avoid To Lose Belly Fat Fast”


“5 Simple Yoga Poses You Can Do At Home To Lose Postnatal Belly Fat”

Hence, we recommend doing background research on what people actually want.

Make it valuable

“Identify your proposition value and the perceived value of the customer”

A lead magnet should give visitors convincing reasons to download. Identify a feasible promise and deliver it right away to move them down the funnel.

Just because it’s free doesn’t mean you’re giving anything that has no value to you. It should be something that you are proud of and yet have high perceived worth.

“Customer perception of value is what they want; Your value proposition is what you offer the customer. If you want a win-win situation, you have to go together. ”

Foundation of Lead Magnet

You can test your lead magnet idea is on Facebook groups and other social media platforms. For example, you can join some Facebook groups related to your service. Try as much as you can to answer questions and provide answers to questions posed by group members.

It’s just a means of gaining some level of recognition.

The next step is to present your idea; You can use the following template and customize it to suit your business. The hypothetical case below focuses on a lead magnet to get email subscriptions to launch an online course.

“Hi everyone. I was working on a class that teaches you how to run Facebook ads for your business and get $ 3 for every $ 1 in ad spend. We tried this Facebook advertising method for several of our customers and did it works! This workout is FREE but only available for a limited time.

Click the link below to join the waiting list and you will be the first to be notified when the course is ready!

Guess what kind of free PDF manual is included! ”

Example of Lead Magnet

If you look at the template above, you can see that it promises something unique for free. It also shows measurable results ($ 3 for every $ 1 in ad spend) and has social proof.

It uses fear-of-missing-out (FOMO) as part of a marketing strategy to increase conversion rates. Statistics show that more than half the world (especially Millennials) buy because of FOMO, and if done correctly, FOMO can increase conversion rates by 40% -200%.


This method works effectively, and you can even collect up to 2000 emails before creating your lead magnet.

(I recommend informing the group admin that you have something to promote to avoid being banned from self-promotion.)

Show your expertise

You can prove your expertise by showing how much understanding you have of the subject in practical use cases. It comes in the form of a portfolio. If you haven’t started building your portfolio yet, it’s time to have one.

Your project portfolio not only shows your expertise; it is your 24/7 selling machine. Your project portfolio is your lead capture engine that you need to share on all of your social media profiles and landing pages.

An easy way to build your portfolio quickly is to do something for free. Do this for two or three clients and add them to your portfolio. Ask customers to give you testimonials and share their success stories.

People love success stories; Video success stories are even better and more engaging. They convert more. Share these testimonials and success stories on your landing pages and even on your social media accounts.

Use case studies and success stories

Case studies and success stories position you as experts and give you authority in your niche. Additionally, it naturally builds trust in your audience.

When you walk through your method to people, it shows that you have your unique approach that is working.

Here is a great example of a case study from Backlinko:

Case Study - How to Create a Squeeze Page That Converts at 21.7%

Case studies and success stories work well with all types of lead magnets, but you can get great results with webinar lead magnets.

You need to know how to get the message across. For example;

“Alex only sold $ 1,000 a month on his eCommerce store. He only managed to convert 10 percent. Today Alex makes $ 10,000 a day on sales.

Want to know how we scaled their eCommerce store from $ 1,000 per month to $ 10,000 per month in sales?

Register now for this webinar and discover the hidden marketing strategy for Facebook ads that we use to scale companies to six-digit values ​​within 90 days. ”

Example of Lead Magnet 2

Some more lead magnet tips:

Offer a step-by-step guide: Promise a walkthrough that provides a step-by-step approach.

Make your lead magnet beginner-friendly.

Promise that regardless of their level of experience, be it beginner, intermediate or expert, they will find your Lead Magnet useful and meet them.

Use “how-to” approaches to promote your lead magnets.

And don’t stop there. Try as much as you can to provide free support.

Include a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on your landing pages and copies so the audience knows what to expect.

Top lead magnet ideas with examples


Checklists are one of the most powerfully converting lead magnets. They are both easy to make and easy to consume. They are designed so that the audience gets the information they need right away.

Here is a cheat checklist magnet example of an ultra-specific and actionable checklist from Backlinko.

 Lead Magent checklist from backlinko


Videos will always be king of content marketing in 2021 and beyond. If you want to build interactions quickly and convert your followers into audiences very quickly, then give videos a try. Gone are the days when webinar software cost a fortune.

Performing live makes it easy for you to build stronger connections with your audience. Offer a free e-book as an incentive to attend the webinar. This approach uses a double lead magnet system, free webinar, and downloadable e-book, workbook, or checklist.

Here is an old webinar lead magnet example from Neil Patel

webinar lead magnet example

Webinars generally have higher perceived value and in the end, you can sell a digital product. When creating a webinar make sure you are offering perceived value as most webinars miss that part and are getting too big of a sale these days.

cheat sheet

Cheat sheets are a great resource for quick references. They’re a little quick and easy to make. Cheat sheets can be used to promote email subscriptions in website popups or as content updates. The purpose of cheat sheets is to educate your audience on how they can achieve their goals faster. Here is a good cheat sheet example from Smartblogger.

cheat sheet lead magnet example


These are one of the most popular types of lead magnets that are very easy to make. Canva eBook templates make it easy to create one for free.

Try to keep the lead magnets for eBooks as short as possible. Also, pack it with lots of resources and make an effort to follow it up step by step in a beginner-friendly way.

My favorite lead magnet e-book example comes from Optinmonster and is spot on for converting its visitors into subscribers.

lead magnet ebook example


A template is a digital asset that serves as an outline or blueprints to create something new. Templates are usually tested and proven content materials. They are great lead magnets as they can be used as inspiration or customized to create something new as needed.

These Facebook ad templates are very popular lead magnets from DigitalMarketer

Facebook Ad templates lead magnet

A mini-course

A mini-course is a good and powerful idea for providing solutions to visitors’ vulnerabilities and making them subscribers. These mini-courses can be broken down into small pieces and delivered by email with overtime to keep customers in touch with your brand.

This free mini enchanting marketing course is a good example of a free lead magnet course.

example of a free lead magnet course

Discounts and giveaways

This list would be incomplete without discounts and freebies. These are powerful and easy lead magnets for building email lists for eCommerce stores. These discounts can range from free shipping to dollar discount coupons for first-time visitors.

Here are a few lead magnet examples for first-time visitors:

Discount and giveaway lead magnet examples

And another lead magnet idea for a promotional gift from the pottery barn

lead magnet idea for a giveaway

These work because people love free stuff and discounts. Also, sharing an email ID can potentially help save you a few dollars on your future purchase.

Bonus tip: do it all over again (make more than one magnet less)

Now after you’ve successfully launched your lead magnet and possibly got some email subscriptions. But don’t stop there. The value chain is endless.

The more value you deliver, the greater the chances of earning more compelling Lead Magnet subscriptions. Regularly publish cheat sheets, checklists that summarize the contents of your lead magnets and make them as convincing as possible.

The traditional AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) approach to copywriting still works and we encourage you to use it to market your irresistible lead magnets.

Wrap up

Lead magnets have dominated the marketing industry, and they’re here to stay. It doesn’t matter what you’re selling; You should have a lead magnet. Provide something very valuable by following the tactics outlined so far and you would watch your email list grow in a short amount of time. You may have the famous saying “money is in the list”, it is time for you to prove it.

To Your Success.

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