How To Rank Videos On Google Page #1 With ONLY 3 CLICKS

How To Rank Videos On Google Page #1 With ONLY 3 CLICKS

Are you an online business marketer and looking for ways to get your business found on the first page of Google? You already know how difficult it is to get organic traffic, it is complicated and requires a lot of struggle on your part to get your website on the first page using SEO tactics. You may need to come up with backlinks or think about paid traffic. You may come across many software options to help you, but Videly is a popular one that takes on the challenge of getting your page ranked well in a short amount of time.

You may have uploaded a video to YouTube that you thought had quality content but has virtually no viewers. Aren’t you frustrated that all your efforts have been in vain? Getting viewers to your social media platform is the most important yet difficult task. You would wonder how other sites with less impactful content get more views, resulting in numerous sales for them. They must understand that video marketing is the main reason behind their success. This is why you should look into options like Videly software for your success as an online marketer.


What is Videly?

Videly is the latest marketing software developed by Stoica and Vlad to help you rank on both Google and YouTube. It only takes 3 clicks to get top ranking and increase traffic to your page. This software will teach you how to create videos in no time using the online tools even if you have no technical skills. The makers of the software claim the method is ingeniously simple enough to achieve YouTube and Google rankings.

The software will help you to solve problems, like how to get good traffic, how to get ranked on the first page of Google and YouTube, and don’t need to spend unnecessary money. If your videos aren’t getting the results you want and you always need a program to help you get that much-needed traffic and money, this is your answer.

If you use Videly, you supposedly don’t have to create videos manually. The software will help you find the best videos for any type of business and grow traffic quickly. It’s a cloud-based app and helps you insert pictures over the internet. You can easily create social media accounts and share them.

The Videly software will help you:

  • Get never-before-used keywords to target potential buyers.
  • Set optimized titles, descriptions, and appropriate SEO tags.
  • To get more visitors from YouTube and Google
  • To get friendly access
  • To achieve great SEO potential

How does it work?

The Videly software involves three steps including:

Search by keywords:

The keywords used by the competitors are analyzed and the software selects the ones that suit you. It calculates the count for such keywords and provides a list of competitors. You will learn how easy or difficult it is to get a good ranking. It analyzes the keywords and gets the best out of them for you. Keyword search returns impressive results compared to other niche plans!

All you have to do is specify which niche you want to focus on and you’ll be provided with keywords to maximize traffic. The software also analyzes the competitors involved with all their strengths and weaknesses, resulting in carefully chosen tags, descriptions, and titles that match the situations. You just have to copy and paste them into the YouTube page and you will get the results you were looking for

The software identifies the keywords you wouldn’t have used before, and with less competition for them, the chances of getting the results you want increase. Because Google algorithms favor video content, your ranking will increase. The software takes over the search for the best keywords and you will be amazed at the result you get within a very short time. I was very surprised to see how efficiently it all works. So when someone searches for the videos linked to the descriptions, your site will appear in the top list, both in Google search results and on YouTube.

How Videly Works

Autopilot SEO optimization:

The software analyzes competitors and highlights video weaknesses. They will then be exploited and in a short time, you will be given the description, title, and tags that will propel your site to the top spots. I’m sure you were sometimes shocked by the payments your SEO partner asked for, but this software does everything automatically to get your videos ranked well in search engines, right from the title, tags, and description selection.

The software’s simplified optimization process does the same job, as any SEO professional checking how SEO is working, and you don’t have to pay these professionals (and SEO experts are expensive!). In this way, the price you pay for the software is very small compared to what SEO professionals charge. The software comes to you after the authors have worked for many years to come up with the simplest workable formula. You don’t need any experience and you can easily set yourself apart from the competition. It’s actually a shortcut that will take you to great heights in your business. The software is best suited for affiliate marketers, website owners, local businesses, all online businesses, and freelancers.

Copy/Paste and Profit:

The videos will be uploaded to YouTube when the sorting is complete and you will see the traffic and views increase for yourself.

Watch the demo here:

What Is Videly Consist of

The members’ area offers the ability to do keyword research which requires you to type a keyword to get the other related words, search volume, and competition rate. Based on this, you can choose keywords. The software allows you to create tags, titles, or descriptions that will improve your ranking. You can also create templates yourself or choose from the available options.

Videly dashboard

The Videly software also comes with free bonuses like:

  • Live private training lessons to help you build a video marketing agency for yourself.
  • 5-minute video making to teach you how to make videos to drive high traffic to your website.

Videly software seems to be of great help to all users, but if you are an SEO marketer, vlogger, online businessman, YouTuber or internet expert, you would benefit the most from it. I found the software to be inexpensive and there is a money-back guarantee. You have full access to the software with no hidden costs.

Videly Price and Upgrade

Videly price and Upgrade

Videly Pros and Cons


  • The number of visitors to your website increases
  • No previous knowledge of marketing or video creation is required
  • Works in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about losing storage space
  • Helps you get more traffic from the already ranked high-quality videos with the help of the revenue generation method
  • Your video can appear on the first page and the number of views will improve
  • Videos can be created easily by just adding images and posting them on social media
  • More subscribers that improve your ranking
  • Sales and leads improve
  • No other tools or hidden fees involved
  • Unused profitable keywords identified
  • Language and niche are not an obstacle for the software
  • Easy to use and also effective
  • 30-day money-back guarantee ensuring your investment is risk-free
  • Step by step, easy to understand instructions on how to use the software


  • Only available online
  • A stable internet connection is required


Final Verdict

If you are in an online business, you will understand the competition. Videly software offers you impressive results without much effort. You will come across many reviews and testimonials to prove it. Your website will get more traffic and bring you tremendous lead generation, resulting in increased profits. I would definitely recommend trying Videly software to increase traffic to your site!

Videly certainly seems to be an extremely helpful and promising tool. It is very user-friendly as you don’t need to be tech-savvy to learn how to use this software. It’s a point-and-click system. The online tools will help you create videos in minutes even if you have no design skills. The number of visitors to your website could increase immensely, leading to sales and profits. The makers of this software are video marketers themselves and know what it takes to get the ranking you want without having to resort to complicated tools. Since it’s available at an affordable price and comes with lifetime updates and support, I’m sure you’ll find it worth trying!

To Your Success!




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