Is ClickFunnels Worth My Investment?

Is ClickFunnels Worth My Investment

The question most people ask themselves is, is ClickFunnels worth the investment? Why are people asking this question? At first glance, ClickFunnels may seem expensive. That is when you have no idea what you are getting. In fact, both current price points are worth it – both the $ 97 base account and the $ 297 platinum suite account.

In this article, I’m not going to go into all the details of ClickFunnels’ features here. However, I’ll explain in detail why I think this software platform is worth the money.

So, my answer to the question of whether ClickFunnels is worth it from a financial point of view?

My answer is yes. It’s definitely.


Before I give my opinion, I would like to tell you a little story …

Why ClickFunnels is worth the money

I recently read a book called Re-Work, which was written by a couple named Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanson. They are the duo who started a company formerly known as 37signals, the creators of Basecamp (also their current company name), Highrise, and a slew of other really cool software. They also did Ruby on Rails. Yes, the hugely popular coding platform.

If you’ve listened to Russell Brunson’s previous podcasts on Marketing in Your Car (now Marketing Secrets), you’ll hear that he references the book quite a lot. He does this because it has had a huge impact on his life. In fact, I knew I had to pick it up after listening to him take a stand on the book.

For me, it already has a big impact. As I know, Brunson’s life has it. You see, Brunson employed over 60 salespeople a long time ago when his company collapsed after an issue with a payment gateway provider that drained its ability to accept funds overnight without warning due to the industry in which it operated would have.

To cut a long story short, that caused a great tussle and a massive exit. Not only from salespeople who could no longer be paid because money was tied up but also from customers who could not pay. The company’s funds have basically run dry.

Russell decided to reinvent his business and himself…

Russell BrunsonI mention this because, while Brunson was reinventing his entire business, the experience caused him so much pain that he shrank from doing things on this scale.

Somehow, he found himself reading Re-Work, a book that casts a shadow over the traditional way of thinking in business. Essentially, it requires a more agile and agile approach to business. The kind of company that only hires when it hurts and only spends where it needs to be.

However, the true essence of this book taught Brunson an important business and life lesson that he carries with him to this day. A lesson that helped him find one of the most successful and fastest-growing SaaS companies in the world – ClickFunnels.

In the book Re-Work, the authors said something that stuck with Brunson and largely influenced his entire life’s work:

“The easiest, most straightforward way to create a great product or service is to create something that you want to use. That way, you can design what you know – and you will immediately see whether what you are doing is good or not.

At 37signals we develop products that we need for our own business. For example, we wanted to keep track of who we talked to, what we said, and when we should follow up next. So we developed Highrise, our contact management software. No focus groups, market studies, or middlemen were required. We had the itch so we scratched it.

As you develop a product or service, you make hundreds of small decisions every day. When solving someone else’s problem, you are constantly feeling in the dark. When you solve your own problem, the lights come on. You know exactly what the correct answer is.”

The reason I put this quote there is quite significant.

These three short paragraphs were a major influence on Brunson. This led him to the decision to start ClickFunnels because it was software, he needed to run his own business. Even if ClickFunnels failed, it would have saved Brunson countless millions of dollars by helping automate the entire funnel-building process for him and his company.

Now, you know why ClickFunnels is worth it. It’s software designed to solve a big problem. Brunson’s problem. The problem was that funnels were too expensive and time-consuming to build. It would take tens of thousands of dollars and weeks with an entire development team to create a single funnel. The same funnel can now be created in a few minutes using ClickFunnels.

Why You Should Really Get ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels Can do a lot

However, that’s not the only reason why it’s worth it. There is simply nothing like it on the market. No other software can automate the entire funnel process. None. It just doesn’t exist. And it’s slowly replacing other software like email marketing programs and affiliate systems as it’s all built into ClickFunnels.

In fact, the coolest thing about ClickFunnels is that they kind of drink their own Kool-Aid. That means they run their business with ClickFunnels. In contrast to other companies like InfusionSoft or LeadPages, which do not run their business with their own software, ClickFunnels does it.

And the company has never accepted a penny in investment capital. They don’t answer anyone but themselves. And after studying cults while on a trip to Africa, Brunson learned how to inspire by helping people identify with themselves. This is where the term “funnel hacker” originated.

Funnel hacking is simply something that emerged from Brunson’s teachings that show you how to model other successful funnels and build them up in minutes using ClickFunnels. In fact, the Funnel Hacks webinar is the foundation of how Brunson scaled the platform without having to use large media or any form of traditional advertising.

However, this may not answer your question of why ClickFunnels is worth the money. BUT IT SHOULD.

Not only can you build a complete sales funnel, end to end, but you can also integrate the most popular payment gateways, split tests, use an intuitive user interface to build your pages, create up-sells and down-sells, one-time deals, run affiliates, track analytics, and so on, all through ClickFunnels.

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Is ClickFunnels expensive?

Not when you consider everything you get. Sure, you could try putting together a funnel yourself. Maybe you will succeed. Maybe you won’t. If you’re a programmer it could be easier. You couldn’t spend tens of thousands of dollars. But when you think about how easy it is to start and test a new funnel in minutes instead of weeks, you will quickly understand why ClickFunnels is worth the money.

So what exactly are you getting?

When we talk about the actual features, there are many. Take a look at the following picture …

ClickFunnels Features

You can see everything you can do with ClickFunnels. In most cases, Landing Page Builders will tie you to a specific subdomain, while ClickFunnels will host a custom domain for you. It looks a lot more professional than on a subdomain.

11 reasons why ClickFunnels is worth your investment

There are probably hundreds of reasons I could list here why I think ClickFunnels is worth your investment. However, I will only list a few of the most important here, which I consider being the most important. Hopefully, if you’re on the fence, this will help you form an educated opinion about whether or not you should sign up for the platform.

Remember, I personally use ClickFunnels to build all of my sales funnels and I can’t be happier with it.

  1. You save money and time on your first introduction
  2. It will boost your conversions
  3. It helps reduce your running expenses
  4. You can easily integrate dozen of the most popular APIs
  5. Changes are quick, easy, and painless
  6. Countless pre-made funnels for sale in the ClickFunnels Marketplace
  7. Great partner program called BackPack in the Platinum Suite
  8. Actionetics (Platinum Suite) does everything all popular email marketing software can do and more
  9. Allows you to easily track (and increase) your average shopping cart value.
  10. A quick way to start and scale any business with webinars
  11. Has a great community of funnel hackers in the Facebook group who are always ready to help each other out

Are you ready to make money online with ClickFunnels? Do you want to start a crackling funnel FAST and start making money? Click here to get started right away.

Final thoughts

ClickFunnels is more than worth it and an excellent choice if you’re willing to invest and focus on: marketing, product interest, lead generation, customer conversion, landing pages with high conversion, email marketing, sales funnel automation, and general e-Commerce Marketing.

Clickfunnels might not be the cheapest platform out there, but it stands out for its performance.

To Your Success.

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