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To Choose the right web hosting provider for your site you have to take into consideration a few factors. Actually, there are nine crucial qualities. In this Linode hosting review, we are going to take a look at everything that the company offers, and you will then decide whether or not it makes the cut.

So, what qualities should you consider? The first one is solid reliability – things to do with excellent uptime and fast loading times. Other qualities are substantial bandwidth, enough storage space, security, email accounts, and of course, responsive tech support.

Is Linode any better? Read through to the end so that you may be able to make the best-informed decision.

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Linode is a Northern US-based cloud web hosting provider. The company opened its doors to the public on the 16th of June, 2003. For all those years, the company has been delivering high-quality web hosting solutions, cloud computing infrastructure, and IaaS solutions.

Linode’s promise is to accelerate technological innovation in cloud computing, by availing simple, affordable solutions to all.

Does Linode live up to that dream? Yes.

Linode has 11 markets, and over 800,000 customers spread across 196 countries in the world.

Many things make Linode stand out from the rest. For example, the company’s data centers are supported by advanced APIs, Next Generation Network, and lots of educational resources.

Another thing that makes Linode different is that it pioneered the idea of cloud computing. Decades later, Linode is one of the most sought-after cloud hosting providers in the US and worldwide.

Linode Review

Linode Hosting is for you if you are a developer, growing team, innovator, startup, or large business, and everyone in between.


854 ms (May 2020 – August 2020 average)

99.9% (May 2020 to August 2020 average)

Support bot, guides, video tutorials, troubleshooter, beginner’s guide, Quick Answers section, ticketing system, email, and 24/7 call center

Plex Media Server, Jitsi, Virtualmin, phpMyAdmin, WooCommerce, WordPress, Grafana, Prometheus, Redis, Minecraft Gamer Server, CS: GO, MySQL, PostgreSQL

SSD Storage limits
Bandwidth allowance
File manager
One-click app installs
Security tools
E-commerce support
Email hosting
CMS support
Virtual console
DNS manager
IPv6 support
Rescue/recovery mode
Command-line options
Classic dashboard
DDoS protection

Shared hosting
Dedicated servers
High Memory VPS hosting
GPU plans

Free site transfers for managed upgrade plans

The cheapest hosting plan from Linode costs $5 a month or $0.0075 per hour



The Pros Of Using Linode Hosting

1. High Uptime Guarantee
This is one of the selling points for the web host.

Did you know that every time your site suffers downtime, the number of visitors to your site goes down as well? Well, that could as well translate to loss of revenue and reputation. You don’t want your website to be down, do you?

As we had said earlier, it is vitally important to first of all check whether a company has an uptime guarantee. If it does not have one, search online for what users are saying about the company.

That aside, Linode’s 99.99% uptime guarantee isn’t something we should overlook.

2. Quick results delivery
We are simply referring to site loading speed. You will agree that in an age where the internet is the in-thing, people want the results now otherwise they will head over to the next site.

As such, everyone will want to stick around a site that delivers quickly. Thankfully, Linode delivers fast loading times, thanks to its high-grade servers and fast network. Plus, they don’t overburden their servers because they want you to make the most out of your hosting.

3. Trial Period
This feature will come in handy especially if you are still not decided on whether to host with Linode or not.

Linode offers a 7-day free trial period. What this means is that any credit you add to your Linode account will be refunded to you. Before any refund is issued, you must cancel your account and fill the Cancellation Note.

4. Easy User Interface
Yet another superior feature in all hosting plans from Linode is the classic control panel. If you look into their cPanel, you will realize that it was made with total beginners in mind. From the intuitive design and layout, to ease of modification, simplicity is all over Linode’s dashboard.

4. Top-notch Customer Support
What would you do if you walked into the premises of a company but couldn’t get someone to help you solve a problem you encountered with their product? You would definitely feel bad. Or maybe curse the company forever.

Linode understands that its users need a quick response, which is why it has put in place many channels of communication and seeking help.

You will appreciate Linode’s 24/7 live tech support. First off, there is the Support Bot – this one captured our attention. The bot can give answers to a range of problems touching on hosting, billing, account management, and all that. It will even activate a ticket for you in the event it doesn’t have a specific answer to your query.

Also, you can take to the community site as it does have answers to almost all problems Linode’s users have ever faced.

The Cons Of Using Linode Hosting

Just like all other companies, Linode isn’t perfect. The web host doesn’t offer Windows hosting.

Apart from that, I didn’t find any major drawback with Linode hosting.


Recall when we mentioned that Linode offers shared hosting, dedicated servers, high memory VPS, and GPU hosting plans? For now, I am going to cover the shared hosting bit. Take a look.


Linode Plans


Dedicated Servers


VPS Hosting


GPU Plans


Do I recommend Linode hosting? Yes. From what you see, Linode is all about more value for a few dimes. Talk of excellent uptime, DDoS additional security, excellent speeds, and lots of storage space, all for very affordable prices.

You will get everything with Linode. Solid reliability, excellent uptime, fast loading times, substantial bandwidth, enough storage space, security, email accounts, and of course, responsive tech support. Give Linode a try.