What Makes a Great Affiliate Offer. Infographic

What Makes a Great Affiliate Offer Infographic

In affiliate marketing, a great offer can differentiate a program and bring it new levels of success. But what constitutes a great offer? The definition can be ambiguous, and most information out there will probably be promotional material. That being said, there are some consistent criteria of offers that are indicative of thriving programs and high affiliate interest.

What Makes a Great Affiliate Offer?


Great offers usually have a high % of sales, an opportunity for repeat income, or even a lifetime commission. Typically, an advertiser is willing to make these high payouts based on the value of their new customer and their need for exposure. However, like any product with a high price tag, if no one is buying, no one will want to sell.


If people want to buy it, people will want to make money selling it. A high payout is nothing without a high conversion rate, and popular items have the greatest potential. Even so, the advertiser needs to work to keep their offer exclusive and maintain its popularity by keeping it fresh and attractive.

Affiliates Top 4 Factors for Choosing a Merchant:

  2. Affiliate Management
  3. Payout amount
  4. Other (Rep, epc, etc)

Promotional Material

Advertisements should be attractive and inviting, as well as diverse in format (file, image, flash, XML, etc) and design. Also, promoting an offer through multiple mediums (websites, blogs, email, SEO, SMS, etc) will place a product in front of a larger target audience, and make the offer relevant to a diverse group of affiliates. Does your affiliate marketing plan currently incorporate marketing on social network sites?


A high-quality offer promotes a product that has real value and does so in a respectable fashion. If affiliate’s sites or emails are tied to gimmicky promotions, that will put not only them but also the advertiser they represent in a negative light,

Part of the Market

Affiliates have flexibility when it comes to which market they want to pursue, so it is important for merchants to define where they want to generate traffic clearly. While popular niches include consumer electronics, nutritional supplements, and online software, a product in the music industry can still benefit from an affiliate program. In fact, this product will not only have niche-focused affiliates but also be competing in a less crowded space.


Now comes the hard part: getting pixels placed, testing and tracking an offer, establishing terms and conditions, etc. If affiliates can’t set up an offer or visualize their conversions, those who were once eager to run an offer are going to search for a comparing offer elsewhere.


What makes a great affiliate offer. Infographic

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