SEOPressor Review. The Best All-In-One WordPress SEO Plugin

SEOPressor Review. The Best All-In-One WordPress SEO Plugin

Technology has definitely made our life easier and more convenient. Everything we want to know is available at the touch of a button. A website that appears on the first page of search engines like Google as a top source of information is every marketer’s dream.

For effective online marketing, you want details of your products to find a place on the first page itself and attract more visitors. To achieve this, you need to make the description very impressive and informative, that is, focus on search engine optimization. With a little effort, your website can also find a place on the first pages of the search engines.

What you need is professional help with SEO. SEOPressor, a WordPress plugin, comes to your rescue. It helps you optimize your content to improve your website traffic.

What is SEOPressor?

SEOPressor HomepageSEOPressor has grown into a popular plugin for WordPress. Key features include On-Page Analysis, SEO Intelligence to get actionable SEO insights, Semantic Builder to check markup standards, Crawler Control to decide how the search engine crawlers should point to your site, and Link Management to handle internal link details. It helps in page analysis like keywords, content, and optimization to get higher rankings on Google. SEOPressor checks things like keyword density, word count, LSI, and content readability. It doesn’t take much time to work with it. More importantly, you don’t have to constantly save your work.

A while ago, SEO Pressor was included in the list of Top 10 Premium Plugins for WordPress by the website here. You can judge the effectiveness of the SEOPressor plugin by the fact that currently, more than 23 million WordPress pages worldwide support the SEOPressor plugin.

Should you invest in SEOPressor Connect?

You can easily use free SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, RankMath, or All In One SEO Pack. Does SEOPressor Connect bring enough to the table to justify its $9/month price tag? When your livelihood depends on the search rankings, traffic, and ad revenue generated by your pages, you need an effective SEO solution.

But is SEOPressor that solution? In this SEOPressor Connect review, I will try to answer this question.

SEOPressor Price

SEOPressor costs $9/month and you can cancel if you no longer wish to use it. The license can be activated on an unlimited number of websites.

What matters is that the value your business gains far exceeds your monthly expenses. Let’s take a look at the features to get a better idea and answer if SEOPressor Connect is as important for online success and better than the competition.

SEOPressor Features

Here are some of the features the SEOPressor Plugin offers:

Evaluate site SEO and keyword density in real-time

SeoPressor Connect allows you to target at least three keywords per post and analyze their usage to calculate an SEO percentage. Your post’s SEO Score will be displayed in big friendly letters with a percentage amount.

Score Page SEO and Keyword Density

The plugin enables you to optimize your posts for up to 3 keywords.

The higher the percentage score, the better your post should perform in terms of search engine rankings. The plugin uses word count, readability index, and SQ density to calculate your SEO rank.

Note that a perfect score in SEO plugins does not guarantee or mean that you will have high rankings. It’s just there to help you optimize content.

SEOPresson Features

Keyword over-optimization warnings

Sometimes we all throw a little too much “salt in the stew” with keywords. It’s ok, that’s what editing and editing is for anyway.

To make sure you don’t overuse keywords and hurt your ranking, SeoPressor Connect provides an alert to warn you.

Automated Smart Links

Make sure your internal content links are SEO friendly with automatic smart linking. Just enter the keywords and links in the Internal Links section of your SeoPressor Connect plugin settings.

Every time this keyword is mentioned in your posts, these posts will be linked to internal content without you having to manually type them. That means more time creating new content and less time maintaining and updating links.

Keyword research for LSI

One of SEO’s most powerful applications, LSI Keyword Research lets you customize your content to be easier for machines to read thanks to semantic enrichment. All you have to do is include related keywords and main keywords used in your content.

The plugin then displays the LSI keywords used in your post or pages and helps you boost your optimization directly.

Snippet Enrichment

An excellent way to boost your SEO even further is to add custom-rich snippets to your content to make it appear in search results.

It also makes your content more readable for search engines, adds authenticity/readability to every post and page, and improves your ranking. If you don’t have a way to add rich snippets to your content, you’re missing out on traffic, clicks, and rankings.

SEO for your social media accounts

You’re probably already cross-posting on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With SeoPressor, you can easily add Facebook Open Graph tags or Twitter tags to share content on social media

Dynamic control of metacrawlers

Do you want search engines to crawl your site the way you need it? Use SEOPressor Connect’s crawler controls to generate XML sitemaps, manage your URL redirects, configure canonical links, and manage potentially broken links you may have on your site.

SEOPressor Connect Dashboard

SEOPressor Connect Dashboard

With SEOPressor Connect, you can focus on creating timely, relevant content for your website. The plugin is used to improve your website ranking.

SEOPressor Connect creates its own menu in the WordPress dashboard after installation. There are eight options to choose from: Site Audit, Sitewide SEO, Homepage Settings, Link Manager, Score Manager, Role Settings, Plugin Settings, and Tuts & Support.

The SEOPressor Connect dashboard shows the average score and the health of your website. A tooltip will appear each time you hover over the score and health information.

Here you can fill in details to configure your page title, description, and business information. The settings are easy to understand for any user

Site Audit Feature

Site Audit is one of the newest features of SEOPressor Connect. You can use it to check your website’s performance. The feature is divided into Summary and Errors & Warnings sections.

The Site Audit feature lets you see how well your site is working (or not). All relevant information is available on a single page. You can find out the average score and the state of the website along with its errors and warnings.

SEOPressor Site Audit tab

To check your website’s performance click “Analyze Website” on the SEOPressor dashboard. It may take a while for this feature to thoroughly examine your site’s performance if it has many pages.

Estimated Completion Time tells you approximately how long this task should take to complete. If your site has concerns, SEOPressor Connect’s Errors and Warnings section will show you what needs improvement.

Site-wide SEO

The Site-Wide SEO tab is divided into Local SEO, XML Sitemap, Link Policy, and Social Defaults. You can use the Local SEO section to:

  • Enter your contact information so customers can contact you.
  • Enter your address information so consumers know your mailing address and physical address.
  • Enter your business hours in the Hours section so customers know when you’re open.

Once you’ve entered your local SEO information, you can set up your XML sitemap to let Google and other search engines know which pages on your site to crawl.

SEOPressor Sitewide SEO tab

You can use the Link Policy section to specify whether you want to enable or disable the no-follow image links and no-follow external links options.

Homepage Settings

The Homepage Settings tab is divided into Meta Settings, Knowledge Graph, Facebook Open Graph, and Twitter Card.

In the Homepage setting you can:

  • Decide how you want Google crawlers to crawl your site.
  • Enter your canonical URL to avoid duplicate content.
  • Enter your 301 redirect URLs.
  • Enter your meta description and meta title. This helps visitors understand what your site is about. Selecting the “Preview” option will show you how your meta description and meta title will appear on search engine results pages.

SEOPressor Connect Homepage Settings tab

The Knowledge Graph section can be used to improve relevance to search engines. You can attract more people to your website by setting up your social search engine optimization like Twitter Card and Facebook Open Graph.

Link manager

The Link Manager tab is divided into Link Profile Health and Automatic Smart Linking. Link Manager shows you all the links you already have in your posts. This is handy because you don’t have to scroll through every post to see every link you’ve created.

The automatic smart linking feature automatically adds a specific URL to your specified keyword in every post you create. You can set a link to a specific external or internal page to be automatically inserted into your existing or future post for a selected keyword.

Automatic Smart Linking feature in the Link Manager tab

You also have the option to cloak your links to change how they appear to your website visitors.

Score manager

From here you can see the SEO score for all your blog posts.

Role settings

The Role Settings tab is divided into WordPress Default and Custom Role sections. The Role Settings option comes in handy when you have more than one person managing your site. You can restrict or grant your team members access to SEOPressor Connect.

If you cannot find a specific role you want in the WordPress Default section, you can use the Custom Role option to create additional roles.

Role Settings tab

The feature of Create Custom Role allows you to give users a custom role name and decide which page that particular role can access. Each team member might also be assigned particular roles.

Plugin Settings

The Plugin Settings tab is divided into Plugin Requirements and Activation, Advanced Options, and Plugin Update. The server requirements can be viewed in the Plugin Requirements and Activation section.

If you see a green tick next to all of your requirements, the SEOPressor plugin is up to date. No further changes are necessary.

In the advanced options, you can choose whether SEOPressor analyzes only the content or your entire website. You can also decide whether you want to see SEOPressor’s automatic on-page analytics by toggling the toggle switch on or off.

SEOPressor Plugin Settings

You can also turn on or off the option for automated page load analysis. The plugin can automatically generate your canonical links and meta descriptions for you if you wish. In the Plugin update section, you can check if an update for the SEOPressor plugin is available.

Under TUTS & SUPPORT, you have a link to contact support and access documentation.

SEOPressor On-Page Analysis

SEOPressor is widely used for one simple reason: it helps you easily optimize your content so you can bring more traffic to your websites from search engines.

What is On-Page analysis?

Analyzing all the factors that affect your search rankings on your website (content, keywords, optimization, etc.) is called on-page analysis, which is a must if you want to rank higher on Google.

While there are too many tools for on-page analysis, nothing comes close to SEOPressor. With it, you can easily optimize your blog posts or pages for better search rankings.

You can optimize your content using SEOPress in 3 ways:

  1. SEOPressor score
  2. Suggested optimization
  3. Suggestion for LSI keywords

Now let’s talk about each of them so that you can better understand these features.

SEOPressor score

SEOPressor gives a score (0 to 100, with 100 being the best) for every post you write on WordPress. Your goal should be to increase your score (although you don’t need to get a score of 100 for every post you publish, aim for 80 or more) if you want better rankings.

The great thing about using the SEOPressor plugin is that it gives you a score that includes things like;

  • Word Count
  • Readability
  • SQ density (semantic quality)

Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like;

SEOPressor score

As you can see above, a sample post got an 83% score, which is really good. The higher your score, the better chance you have of improving your rankings on Google for the keywords you’re trying to rank for.

Suggested optimization

This plugin gives you great suggestions to naturally optimize your blog posts. For a better understanding, look at the following picture.


In the example above, you can see that the plugin gives us so many suggestions to better optimize the content for search rankings.

It shows you how to properly optimize your content by also giving you suggestions on where to place your keywords (title, meta description, h1 tags, image alt tags, etc. ) for higher rankings. It also warns you if you’re keyword stuffing (using the same keyword too many times).

LSI keyword suggestion

This feature gives you all LSI keyword recommendations to use in your blog posts. And it also shows you any LSI keyword suggestions you missed in your content.

LSI Keywords Suggestion feature

Here you go. One of the best content optimization tools, SEOPressor will help you improve your search rankings quickly even if you are new to SEO.

Improve your rankings with LSI’s keyword suggestion feature

Using LSI keywords will give better search rankings on Google. If you’re still wondering why you should use LSI keywords, here are some of the top reasons and benefits for using them in your content. LSI Keywords will help you with things like:

  • Increase your search engine traffic
  • Optimize content without keyword stuffing
  • Get quality visitors from search
  • Get more traffic from a wide range of keywords and so on

SEOPressor can help you find highly profitable LSI keywords.

For example, look at the image below.


what do you see above SEOPressor has a built-in LSI keyword suggestion feature that gives you automatic LSI keyword recommendations that are highly relevant to the keywords you are targeting.

While there may be discrepancies or totally irrelevant keyword suggestions, it’s important to use your brain when using the LSI keyword suggestions.

SEOPressor Connect Pros and Cons


  • The function of the over-optimization tool
  • Multi-keyword analysis
  • Insight & Audit Toolkit
  • Semantic Builder
  • MetaCrawler management
  • Social media integration
  • License for unlimited sites
  • SEOPressor Data ImporterCons allows you to import data from other SEO plugins


  • Unlike Semrush, it’s not a complete SEO package. You can mainly use this plugin for on-page optimization to get more search engine traffic to your websites.
  • You can only use up to three keywords per post. That’s a major disadvantage if you’re someone like us who writes really detailed content by focusing on multiple keywords (sometimes 10 LSI keywords per post

Powerful features of SEOPressor plugin

Here are all the incredible features you get with this awesome SEO plugin.

    • On-Page Analysis: This tool can be used to perform multiple keyword analyses, check for over-optimization, and recommend LSI keywords, among other things. It includes everything you’ll need to make your content search engine human-friendly.
    • Semantic Builder: You can manage all your schema settings along with social media settings like Facebook Open Graph etc.
    • SEO Intelligence: You can conduct site audits to find and fix any technically relevant SEO issues on your website.
    • Multiple Keyword Analysis: You can select up to 3 keywords at a time for each post to properly optimize for search engines and your audience.
    • XML sitemap generator: This helps you to generate sitemaps for your sites without additionally installing other plugins.
    • Automatic Smart Linking: Helps you add keywords for specific links so that they automatically turn into links when you use those keywords.
    • Link Management: Manage all your links like a pro. From a single location, manage all of your outbound links as well as your internal broken links.
    • Crawl control and much more



Anyone who runs multiple websites and cross-posts through social media can use this SEO plugin to maintain and improve their rankings, clicks, and traffic.

Critics and fans agree that SeoPressor Connect facilitates site-wide SEO management, regardless of the scale and scope of your online content and websites.

It also offers massive benefits at minimal cost, making it an easy choice when choosing a fast and effective SEO plugin for your website or blog.

SEOPressor Connect costs $9/month and you can use it on unlimited websites. For those who manage multiple WordPress sites, SEOPressor is a great offering on the market in terms of paid plugins.

If you’re focusing on just one site, free options are more economical but not nearly as effective. If you are in the market for an onsite SEO management plugin, you should definitely use SEOPressor Connect for your websites and blogs.

To Your Success!


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