The Prosperity Formula. Create A Profitable Side Hustle

Create A Profitable Side Hustle With The Prosperity Formula

Making a living from online business has never been more in demand; almost everyone wants to make thousands of dollars from the comfort of their living room, in their pajamas, and over a hot cup of coffee.

If you are one of those who want to know the easiest and most efficient way to start a profitable online business, this is for you. James Francis’ Prosperity Formula is a proven method that can help you earn 6 figures annually. There are various so-called “wealth formulas” so you need to make sure you buy James Francis’s.

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What is the Prosperity Formula?

The Prosperity Formula is a living miracle; some may even say it is the work of the Messiah. The Prosperity Formula developed by James Francis is a program that has helped thousands of people overcome financial difficulties. It has enabled them to be their own boss and make thousands of dollars working, when they want and where they want. The program is designed so that you can pull in thousands of dollars monthly with 30 minutes to 1 hour of daily work.

The Prosperity Formula is a training program that anyone with intellectual capacity can understand; With the training, you will get all the tools you need to successfully build a profitable online business.

  • Creator: James Francis
  • Contents: Online course
  • Price: $27.00 (One Time)
  • Official Website: Click HERE

What makes the Prosperity Formula different from other training courses?

There are thousands of courses out there that promise you that their training will bring you a 6-figure monthly income; some even guarantee you that you can make around a million dollars in your first week.

All of these are exploitative techniques and some of you may have lost thousands of dollars in this scam. James Francis’ prosperity formula is not a get-rich-quick scheme; you have to invest time in learning at the beginning, invest time in carrying out instructions.

The beauty of this program is that once you set it up, it doesn’t take you that much time; You’ll still be raking in thousands of dollars in less than an hour a day. Below are proven facts about the prosperity formula:

Fact 1: The Prosperity Formula works in all niches

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if people paid you to do what you enjoy? James mentioned that when he started The Prosperity Formula he made over $1000 selling products that show how to build chicken coops. The fun part is that you can even combine more than one niche and make more money. Training in the Prosperity Formula would teach you how to generate income in almost any niche.

Fact 2 – Sales come in within days of launch

A lot of people don’t understand how mini-sites can lead to massive cash. The Prosperity formula uses template mini-sites to drive traffic, which leads to sales; You don’t need to know anything about technology or programming to create these mini-sites.

After following the set instructions from the Prosperity Formula training, thousands of visitors will be directed to your mini-site as soon as you launch. Because of the traffic sent to you, it’s common to see sales within 1-3 days of launch.

Fact 3 – You only need a few hours a week

Everyone has a busy life, whether it’s profitable or not. The prosperity formula is flexible for everyone. With just 3-5 hours a week, you will see massive results. Most training out there assumes that you’ve quit your job and become a full-time online earner, but the prosperity formula isn’t like that; It is created with so much flexibility that it is the ideal meaning of passive income.

Another difference between the Prosperity Formula and other training is that the Prosperity Formula does not assume that you know a single thing about online business; They would hold your hands from start to finish. You will learn how:

  • build a sales funnel
  • create your products
  • write upconverting copies
  • create engaging content
  • drive organic traffic
  • Run an A/B split test campaign
  • Run expensive paid advertising campaigns
  • Much more

The Prosperity Formula Review

The founder of The Prosperity Formula

As previously mentioned, James Francis is the CEO and founder of the Prosperity Formula. James Francis has been in online information marketing for over nine years and has over five hundred thousand dollars (US$500,000) in annual income. While making that money, he has also helped many clients grow their online businesses and changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide.

The best thing about his life is that he earns more than half a million a year from the comfort of his home, which gives him plenty of time to live his dreams.

What drove James Francis to start an online business?

  • The 2008 recession caused millions of people to lose their jobs
  • New graduates could not find work
  • Studies show that college degrees are declining in value
  • Experienced professionals also lost their jobs
  • The driving force was his engaged parents’ ultimatum of paying rent or leaving after three months of squatting.

Reaching the level of James Francis takes time and dedication; Getting there, isn’t easy, but by using the Prosperity Formula tools, you’ll take it a step further every day.

James Francis- The founder of Prosperity Formula

Why Should I Trust James Francis’ Prosperity Formula?

James Francis personally assures your prosperity formula success. He explains that:

  • The Prosperity Formula is designed to get you started selling within 1-3 days of launching your mini sites
  • The same method has brought James Francis an average of $1,412 per day over the past 12 months.
  • Thousands of people have used the wealth formula to generate extra money in more than 24 niches.
  • The Prosperity Formula has been taught to over 5,000 people. James taught her how to build a profitable side business using the same formula.
  • Thousands of testimonials across the web; You can find a few on the Prosperity Formula home page
  • You learn from an expert. James Francis isn’t just a newbie to online money-making; purchasing the formula gives you access to over nine years of online money-making experience.

Who Should Benefit from the Prosperity Formula?

  • Anyone who wants to make an extra $500-$2000 per month
  • Anyone tired of the 9-5 grind
  • Anyone hungry to increase their monthly income
  • Aspiring business owners who want to work on their schedule and still make money to live their dreams
  • Anyone who wants to build a side hustle that can make you your boss
  • If you like to travel a lot then the prosperity formula is for you because you can work remotely and earn thousands of dollars.
  • Those who believe they can make money online
  • People who are about to give up making money on the internet
  • If you have been looking for ways to make money online
  • If you are tired of falling victim to scam gurus who promised to teach you how to make money online

Finally, you can say goodbye:

  • Waiting for your next bonus, raise, or promotion to get extra money
  • Living from paycheck to paycheck without being able to enjoy life’s little luxuries
  • Not being able to eat (or have your dream vacation) at the restaurants you want
  • Driving the car you hate (or have to share your car with a roommate or partner)
  • If you work at a company, you can’t stand it because “it pays the bills”.


Who shouldn’t get The Prosperity Formula?

    • If you think this is a get-rich-quick scheme, don’t bother trying it; Applying the Prosperity Formula takes a little effort and dedication
    • If you can’t devote 3-5 hours a week to working on your mini-sites, then the Prosperity Formula isn’t for you
    • If you can’t follow simple step-by-step instructions
    • People who think buying the course without trading will solve all their problems
    • People who want to see what’s in the system with no intention of making money online
    • People who jump from one course to another at every little challenge
    • If you don’t think anyone can make money online, don’t even think about getting the Wealth Formula

What is included in The Prosperity Formula?

The Prosperity Formula is a proven blueprint for creating successful passive income online.

The Prosperity Formula includes an 8-hour video course with 18 modules and step-by-step instructions for quick results.

Quizzes at each step to make sure you follow and understand what you’re learning

Homework to ensure you are not just watching, but taking action and getting results

Simple spreadsheets to track your progress and income

Proven Free Resources (Templates, Worksheets, and Free Upscale Website Plugins)

You’ll get an “over the shoulder” guide to everything you need to earn with this online business (from setting up your mini websites to driving traffic to collect paychecks).

The modules in the prosperity formula include

MODULE #1: Start Here:

The introductory section shows why you should pursue the program, proof of earnings and skills, and guidance on how best to learn the Prosperity Formula.

MODULE #2– Profit Validation:

Many people have the misconception that you are making a profit until you spam people’s inboxes on social media or through email. this opinion is wrong. In this module you will learn:

  • That the only way to make money online is to trade a problem for a solution, simplified as Problem -> Belief -> Solution (sell).
  • Specialize in a niche. A niche you already know about a niche you’ll love to learn. You will also get a questionnaire that can help you find a niche that you like.
  • Important tips about a niche and the best way to do it.

Niche Examples


MODULE #3 – Creation of your customer profile

  • In this module, you will be given a worksheet that includes questions like your target audience, what problems can be solved in your niche, what goals you have for your niche, and many more customer profiling questions. You’ll also learn what your customers don’t want, which you think is a mistake most affiliate marketers make.
  • You will also learn how to conduct a proper market survey to find out who your audience is and how to get them to buy from you.

MODULE #4 – Laying the Groundwork:

Building an internet business, like any other structure, requires a solid foundation. This module will teach you:

  • The six steps to laying the foundations for a successful online business.
  • The dos and don’ts of website designing
  • How to set up your account(s) for payment

MODULE #5 – The Prosperity Formula:

  • In this module you will learn:
  • The most effective method for selling items to people.
  • How to make a simple concept more attractive and appealing.
  • How important it is that your solution is different from others and why your solution increases your bottom line.

The Prosperity Formula

MODULE #6 – The Prosperity Formula II – Winning Process:

This module is a continuation of Module 5 where you will learn

  • How to add value to potential leads while promoting a product.
  • The value of growing an email list and the effectiveness of a squeeze page.

Profit Process

MODULE #7 – Public Attraction:

This module will teach you:

  • How to get an audience for your online business without trying to promote sales so people want to work with you and aren’t forced to work with you
  • The importance of providing free content and how best to structure it.

MODULE #8 – The Solution Selling System:

In this module you’ll get to know:

  • The importance of gaining the trust of your potential buyers based on the value they got from your lead magnet and the products you recommended.
  • How to make sales, either by selling your product or as an affiliate.

MODULE #9 – Building a Loyal Fanbase :

This module will teach you:

  • The importance of keeping your prospect for a long time; This way you can multiply your win up to 5 times.
  • The importance of using a good email autoresponder and how best to use it.

MODULE #10 – Building a Loyal Fanbase II: Lead Generation:

This module is a continuation of Module 9 where you will learn

  • How to build an email list
  • How to create a squeeze page
  • Different types of squeeze pages.
  • Content Delivery Page.

MODULE #11 – The profit multipliers:

You will learn that a sale is not a sale when you run an online business.

  • How to analyze the behavioral pattern of your prospects to maximize profit (a win-win scenario)
  • How to create and make upsells.
  • What is a tripwire and why should you avoid using it?

MODULE #12 – Your automated downstream machine:

  • The importance of tracking your prospects and how to do it.
  • The time frame between each email and
  • The most important subsequent mistakes that you should avoid
  • The order of your sales offer and follow-up should follow

MODULE #13 – Communicate and build trust with your audience:

The larger and more responsive your audience, the more money you’ll make from your promotions. In this module you will learn:

  • How to send emails broadcast.
  • It is critical that you adhere to your schedule.
  • The best template to follow to get the best result

MODULE #14 – Building Bridges:

In this module you’ll get to know:

  • How do you build authority in your niche?
  • The best ways to use an authority blog.
  • The best ways to set up your blog (Choosing a Theme, Sidebar Widgets, Banners, etc.)

MODULE #15 – How to Generate an Endless Stream of Buyer Traffic:

  • The Best Ways To Attract Your Ideal Customers With Facebook Ads.
  • How should you go about acquiring new customers?
  • Types of ads and the best ad types to use

MODULE #16 – The 3 Best Alternative Free Traffic Strategies:

In addition to Facebook Ads, there are other alternatives. You’ll learn:

  • How to find popular high-traffic blogs
  • How to maximize guest blogging performance
  • Forums to help you build traffic

MODULE #17 – Test, tweak and perfect your funnel:

This module will show you tricks:

  • How to increase your conversion rate?
  • How do you calculate and analyze your opt-in rate, EPC, and open rate of your email broadcast?
  • What exactly is split testing, and how does it work?

MODULE #18 – Your six-digit blueprint:

After going through all the modules, everything is ready to start making profits. You will learn:

  • How to automate or outsource as needed.
  • General tips like consistency, the importance of networks and increasing our traffic, etc.
  • You also have the opportunity to be one of six people who can continue to grow their online business through the 0 to 10,000 program.

After each module, you will be given a quiz to ensure you understand what has been taught.

Samples of what you will find in The Prosperity Formula

  • How to make big bucks from a niche even if you are a total beginner
  • The best niche to go into and stop wasting time on niches that will never make money
  • A simple system for creating 3-page mini-sites that will generate thousands of organic traffic and lots of sales
  • Niches that people are willing to spend money on
  • High conversion rate products for sale (so you can make hundreds of dollars for just one sale)
  • How to create mind-blowing content that will make even a complete stranger pull out their wallet and buy what you’re selling
  • Why you don’t have to make your own products (and why it’s easier and faster to get paid for someone else’s expertise)
  • The proven email marketing templates for more sales around the clock
  • The Key to Building a Mass Loyalty Brand That Knows You, Likes You, and Trusts You (And Will Buy Almost Any Product You Recommend)
  • How to get thousands of organic blog traffic without spending all day writing or paying for ads
  • Three different strategies to drive free traffic to your mini-sites
  • How to optimize and test your mini-sites so you can increase your earnings every day
  • And more!

Pros and cons of The Prosperity Formula


  • The prosperity formula is very cheap. With the content on it, it should cost around four times the actual price. I believe that James Francis’ goal in creating this course is mainly to help people and guide them on what to do rather than making money themselves.
  • It’s easy to understand: every detail is well explained; with the structure of each module, you would easily understand what you should do.
  • It is a course created by a veteran in the online money-making business.
  • You can finally boast of a profitable sideline.
  • There is a quiz at the end of each module to ensure you understand what has been explained.
  • It only requires 3-5 hours a week to succeed.


  • There are other programs out there titled Wealth Formula and if you are not careful you could be making the wrong purchase
  • You may still need to spend a little more money to get domains and set up your online business


What you need to know before starting an online business

Success in any business you choose to venture into begins first in your mind; this is the driving force that drives you to achieve something. James Francis came up with a formula you can use to be successful in your online business.

The formula is KN IO T = P

K stands for a Skill Set of Knowledge. The knowledge you will learn will enable you to set and achieve your goal appropriately. The knowledge you need to be successful online is included in this 8-hour course.

N stands for need. As much as you have interests and niches that you would like to promote; You have to take care of the NEEDS of the people. You will find the products, information, and services that people will need. That way, you help them by offering choices that will satisfy their needs.

IO stands for an irresistible offer. After you know what people need, add value by providing them with helpful information. This builds the relationship of trust between you and potential leads.

T stands for traffic. While making your offer, do it in the most enticing way possible to gain as much traffic as possible.

If you use this formula correctly, you will have no choice but to succeed in your online business.

The Success Formula


James Francis’ Prosperity Formula is a proven way to successfully make money online. The training extends over a period of 8 hours. In this course, you will benefit from around a decade of experience in online business. The Prosperity Formula will teach you to step by step how to set up your mini-sites, increase traffic and scale your online business.

Frequently asked Questions

How is the product delivered and how quickly?

You will normally receive a confirmation email from James Francis, sent to the email address you have provided next to the order form. If you don’t receive your confirmation email within 5 minutes, you should check your spam/actions folder to see if your email provider accidentally filtered it there.

The email sent to you by James Francis contains your account login details; With this information, you can access the entire course online immediately.

Is this an MLM?

No! This is not a Ponzi scheme or referral contest.  This is a training course that will teach how to earn commissions by using mini websites to help other owners sell their products and services.

What exactly is the prosperity formula?

  • The prosperity formula is none of that
  • Bitcoin / Cryptocurrency
  • trade or invest
  • Participation in surveys (LOL)
  • Amazon / Direct Shipping
  • SEO / blackhat link building
  • Or something like that.

The Prosperity Formula will show you how to generate money by selling other people’s items while simultaneously teaching you how to market your own. The instruction is extensive while remaining very understandable.

To Your Success!

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